Different from other chipboard, the inner carrier board of DEBO® Melamined Faced Chipboard is a 5 layers big chips formatted vertically and horizontally to make the core much more solid and flat. As a result, its ability to resist vibration, bending and impact is greatly improved. Besides, the whole production process is environmentally friendly and odorless, and the formaldehyde emission level reaches Japanese ‘F-4 stars’ standard. Meeting the increasing demand for environmental protection and health of millions of families.

DEBO® CleanTop MFC

The surface of DEBO® Cleantop®-MFC is done by the NEXT generation of technology. It is featured with super matt, soft touch and anti-fingerprint same as the Cleantop® HPL range laminates. The top layer of the panel is coated with nano-microcrystals and then processed by EB (electron beam) or UV (ultraviolet) curing equipment under pure nitrogen conditions. Thus, it’s functional performances such as scratch resistance, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, formaldehyde-free and odorless are totally beyond general standard. Fresh colors, warm finishes and custom availability shall satisfy customer expectation.

For stylish & sustainable space

Produced under the concept of safety and sustainability, DEBO MFC and CleanTop MFC is designed for stylish interior furniture, such as table top, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, book shelf, wall cladding etc. It is available in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, allowing creating a variety of trendy furniture to make the interior space beautiful and comfortable.



DEBO® CleanTop MFC






Test report

Physical properties

Stain resistance

Rating 2

Resistance to cigarette burn

Rating 4

Scratch resistance

≥1.5 N

Resistance to dry heat

Rating 4

Film adhesion

Rating 1

Surface bond strength

1.53 MPa


3 H

Abraison resistance

Abrasion value

72 mg/100r


50% pattern rest(100r)

Mechanical properties


0.66 g/cm³

Density tolerance

+1.21, -0.6 %

Moisture content

4.5 %

Static bending strength

13.9 MPa

Elasticity module

2500 MPa

Internal bond strength

0.39 MPa

Surface bond strength

1.61 MPa

Thickness swelling (24h)

X95%: 7.9

Screw holding

Surface: 1030 N
Edge: 770 N

Safety performance

Release of formaldehyde

0.026 mg/m³