DEBO® CleanTop

DEBO® CleanTop adopts with European’s advanced Nanocleaning treatment technology. The surface of the panel has a special feature of “clean touch”. Fingerprints and residual dirt are not easy to stay on the top. This zero-fingerprint and self-cleaning effect provides a great convenience for daily cleaning work, while the soft surface texture and super soft touch brings a pleasant feeling for people. Besides, the surface of CleanTop is treated with super matte that generates very low light reflection. Meanwhile, the high color saturation brings direct visual impact. The innovation of Cleantop brings new ideas and sources for furniture and interior design.

Inspiring material for interior

DEBO® CleanTop has surface properties that turn traditional Compact Laminate on its head, making it a practical and premium architectural material that opens up a new chapter in interior design.

When viewed, it’s surface impresses with its super-matte appearance. When touched, you will feel its softness and gentleness; even more surprisingly, it does not leave any fingerprints.

When in use, it’s a safe and secure addition to your home life, and it’s food-grade surface keeps your food clean and hygienic at all times. Micro scratches can be restored to a like-new surface by heat repair. DEBO® CleanTop’s rich color collection can fully satisfy your interior design needs, and with EB curing technology, these colors can remain full and bright for a long time without fading. Fill your kitchen, living room, and bedroom with a relaxing atmosphere.


CleanTop SOLID


CleanTop METAL






Test report

Physical properties

Density weight

≥1350 kg/m³ (ISO1183)

> Thickness 6mm

8.7 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 8mm

11.6 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 10mm

14.5 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 12mm

17.5 kg/m² (ISO1183)

Dimensional tolerances

Thickness mm (max)

2.0 ≤ t < 3.0mm: ±0.20mm
3.0 ≤ t < 5.0mm: ±0.30mm
5.0 ≤ t < 8.0mm: ±0.40mm
8.0 ≤ t < 12.0mm: ±0.50mm
12.0 ≤ t < 16.0mm: ±0.60mm
16.0 ≤ t < 20.0mm: ±0.70mm
20.0 ≤ t < 25.0mm: ±0.80mm
25.0mm ≤ t: to be agreed
between supplier and customer.

T=nominal thickness
(EN438-2:2005 Clause no. 5)

Flatness mm/m (max)

2.0 ≤ t < 6.0mm: 8.0mm/m
6.0 ≤ t < 10.0mm: 5.0mm/m
10.0mm ≤ t: 3.0mm/m

T=nominal thickness
(EN438-2:2005 Clause no. 9)

Optical properties

Immersion in boiling water (100°C water for 2 hours)

> Mass increase

0.5 % (EN438-2)

> Thickness increase

0.36 % (EN438-2)

> Appearance

Rating 5 (EN438-2)

Thermal conductivity

0.23 W/mk (EN438-2)

Mechanical properties

Modulus of elasticity

>10000 (ISO178)

Flexural strength

≥100 Mpa (ISO178)

Tensile strength

≥70 Mpa (ISO527-2)

Scratch resistance

Rating ≥3 (EN438-2)

Resistance to crazing

Rating ≥4 (EN438-2)

Face screw-holding

6mm≥2000 N
8mm≥3000 N
10mm≥5000 N

Resistance to cigarette burns

Rating ≥3 (EN438-2)

Safe properties

Reaction to fire (on request)

Euroclass Bs1-d0 (EN13501-1)

Release of formaldehyde

Class E1 (EN717-1)

Factory Production Control (FPC)

ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, Sedex