DEBO has been working in the field of HPL for more than 20 years, DEBO HPL can be used as decorative finishing for a variety of core material, such as particleboard, MDF, plywood, etc.., and has high performance of fire retardant, moisture-proof, anti-bacterial, wear-resistant etc,. It’s surface designs include metallic, plain, wood grain, stone and other creative styles to fulfill your decorative fantasies for indoor and outdoor architecture, and home décor.

Trendy Choice, Metal HPL

DEBO has launched a large number of creative metal series HPL since 2022, which has been widely fancied by the market. Its surface is decorated with cool metal material which has a premium aesthetic of brushed, rusted, glossy and matte effect for interior decoration. Its stronger performance of decoration shows an unique and classy taste, which is attracting the market of building decorative and furniture design. Such as high-end indoor background wall, sliding door, space partition, cabinet, wardrobe, etc.







Test report

Physical properties

Density weight

≥1350 kg/m³ (ISO1183)

> Thickness 6mm

8.7 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 8mm

11.6 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 10mm

14.5 kg/m² (ISO1183)

> Thickness 12mm

17.5 kg/m² (ISO1183)

Dimensional tolerances

Thickness mm (max)

2.0 ≤ t < 3.0mm: ±0.20mm
3.0 ≤ t < 5.0mm: ±0.30mm
5.0 ≤ t < 8.0mm: ±0.40mm
8.0 ≤ t < 12.0mm: ±0.50mm
12.0 ≤ t < 16.0mm: ±0.60mm
16.0 ≤ t < 20.0mm: ±0.70mm
20.0 ≤ t < 25.0mm: ±0.80mm
25.0mm ≤ t: to be agreed
between supplier and customer.

T=nominal thickness
(EN438-2:2005 Clause no. 5)

Flatness mm/m (max)

2.0 ≤ t < 6.0mm: 8.0mm/m
6.0 ≤ t < 10.0mm: 5.0mm/m
10.0mm ≤ t: 3.0mm/m

T=nominal thickness
(EN438-2:2005 Clause no. 9)

Optical properties

Immersion in boiling water (100°C water for 2 hours)

> Mass increase

0.5 % (EN438-2)

> Thickness increase

0.36 % (EN438-2)

> Appearance

Rating 5 (EN438-2)

Thermal conductivity

0.23 W/mk (EN438-2)

Mechanical properties

Modulus of elasticity

>10000 (ISO178)

Flexural strength

≥100 Mpa (ISO178)

Tensile strength

≥70 Mpa (ISO527-2)

Scratch resistance

Rating ≥3 (EN438-2)

Resistance to crazing

Rating ≥4 (EN438-2)

Face screw-holding

6mm≥2000 N
8mm≥3000 N
10mm≥5000 N

Resistance to cigarette burns

Rating ≥3 (EN438-2)

Safe properties

Reaction to fire (on request)

Euroclass Bs1-d0 (EN13501-1)

Release of formaldehyde

Class E1 (EN717-1)

Factory Production Control (FPC)

ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, Sedex